Established at DH 2017 Montreal, DHTech is an international grass-roots community of Digital Humanities software engineers.


Join me for a DHTech hackathon? It’s an un-date!

by Rebecca Sutton Koeser

Rebecca reflects on the first DHTech Hackathon!



All the color(profile)s of Java

by Robert Casties

How the digilib image server learned to treat images with color profiles correctly and how I learned more about the weird quirks of Java's image libraries than ever before.



DHTech on Django

by Rebecca Sutton Koeser and Julia Damerow

Our December meetup was focussed on discussing the Python-based Django framework. Read our summary of the meetup!



What's new?

The 2023 Steering Committee


There are some changes in the composition of the Steering Committee for 2023.

Read more about it!

DH2023 Registration Grant


DHTech is excited to announce a DH2023 Registration Grant.

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The DH RSE Workshop White Paper by DHTech

This white paper aims to draw attention to some of the issues we observe, and invite anyone who is interested to join us.

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