Established at DH 2017 Montreal, DHTech is an international grass-roots community of Digital Humanities software engineers.


Greatly improved DH link list

by DHTech

Thanks to Moritz Maehr, DHTech now has a vastly improved list of curated DH related links. Have a look at them and consider adding your own tips for resources and tools as a pull request!



First DHtech Meetup as an ADHO SIG

by DHtech

The first DHTech Meetup as a SIG took place on 29th of September. Members of the initial steering committee introduced themselves and shared some ongoing projects of the SIG. The attendees discussed the specific focus of DH software development in context to the wider RSE movement.



DHtech on Twitter

by DHtech

DHtech is now tweeting @dhtech_group



What's new?

We are now an ADHO Special Interest Group!


The DHTech Special Interest Group will focus on the technical side of DH such as tool development and maintenance.

International RSE Survey


Every two to three years, the International RSE Survey is being conducted and it is out now!

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The DH RSE Workshop White Paper by DHTech

This white paper aims to draw attention to some of the issues we observe, and invite anyone who is interested to join us.

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