Established at DH 2017 Montreal, DHTech is an international grass-roots community of Digital Humanities software engineers.


Zope 2.10 in Docker, or Applied Software Archaeology

by Robert Casties

I wanted to migrate the old website on the server to a Docker image for Zope so I could use it in a docker-compose setup together with a standard PostgreSQL container. How hard could that be?



Simply updating the Django version ...

by Malte Vogl

For a small project running on Django, I was planning to do a tiny upgrade. Just changing from Django 2 to Django 3... What could possibly go wrong!



Just sending email notifications

by Julia Damerow

I love my job. It is very interesting and challenging, I get to learn new things all the time, and some semesters I teach, which I enjoy a lot. Some days, however, are like 2020, you just want them to end.



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Next webinar will be announced soon


The next will be announced soon. Until then, check out the summary of the last webinar!

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Plans for an ADHO SIG


Special Interest Group that focuses on the technical side of DH such as tool development and maintenance.

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The DH RSE Workshop White Paper by DHTech

This white paper aims to draw attention to some of the issues we observe, and invite anyone who is interested to join us.

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