Announcing the First DHTech Virtual Workshop

Established at DH 2017 Montreal, DHTech aims to support the development and reuse of software in the Digital Humanities by providing a community to exchange knowledge, share expertise, and foster collaboration among Digital Humanities software projects.

Two of the cornerstones of modern software development, Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are practices to support collaborative and fast development through automation.

With CI, software is built and tested on very code push. Using triggers from version control systems, code is compiled and tested against defined criteria, such as unit and integration tests. This ensures that the latest changes to the code base are compatible with the existing code base, i.e. they integrate well.

On top of this, CD is the practices of packaging and publishing the build artifact of a successful integration run. In an optimal setup, this allows the immediate delivery of the latest successfully built version to a production environment.

In our first Virtual Workshop we will be hearing from Malte Vogl on his experience using Gitlab CI for Django projects. Expanding on Malte’s introduction, Julia Damerow and Carsten Thiel will open up the general discussion with their experiences using Travis-CI and Jenkins.

Save the date 15 Jan 2018 now and see the workshop page for details.