DHTech February Webinar: Deployment, Release, and Packaging Workflows

On Thu, Feb. 27, 10am ET/4pm CET, we will be talking about how different projects manage their deployment, release, and packaging workflows. Do you use a CI/CD server? Do you release your code through pip? Do you have shell scripts to manage your workflows? Maybe you use Ansible or Docker? Or how else do you manage your workflows? This webinar will be a discussion of the different ways code can be release and deployed and everything that surrounds that topic. Come join us if you want to share your experiences, want to learn from what others have faced, or are simply curious what all the fuss is about. Come with questions, stories, fun facts! There won’t be a presenter for this webinar, but we hope for contributions from the webinar participants for a broad overview of what’s out there and what is being used. Please join us on Zoom.