DHTech August Newsletter

It has been an exciting summer! The DH2023 conference was a big success for DHTech. Read on to learn what’s new!

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The code review working group is looking for people willing to review other projects’ code. If you are interested in helping out please fill out our code reviewer application form. The expected commitment is two Zoom meetings before and after the code review (30-60 minutes each) and about an hour to review code.

Submit a Project for Code Review

Do you have a project and would like someone to review (part of) the project’s code? The code review working group plans another round of code reviews. Please fill out the code review request form to start the process!

DHTech at DH2023

DHTech organized a pre-conference workshop at DH2023, a panel discussion, and an informal get-together. All three of these events were very well attended and we got an influx of new members afterwards. The workshop was buzzing with interesting discussions. We talked about many different aspects of how we can trust the code we and others write. The attendees took a lot of notes that we plan to write up as a white paper. So stay tuned!

Our panel “Research Software Engineer Careers and Project Involvement in Digital Humanities” was very well attended. Cole Crawford, Jose Hernandez Perez, Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Sepideh Alassi, and Zoe LeBlanc talked about their career paths and their views about a research software engineer career path for Digital Humanities. If you have attended DH2023 but missed the panel (or if you really want to see it again), the recording of it is available in the conference’s video library. If you have not attended DH2023, the organizers plan to make all recordings publicly available 6 months after the conference.

The DHTech informal in-person meetup happened during one of the lunch breaks and was also a great success. It was well attended with about 20 participants. Many ideas of what DHTech could provide, plan, or tackle next were brought up and discussed. One topic in particular, mentorship, was of interest as this has already been discussed and talked about multiple times among DHTech members.

In summary, the conference was a great opportunity to meet fellow DHTech members, exchange and share ideas, and strengthen our community. We definitely look forward to DH2024!

If you want to read more details, we will soon publish some blog posts about the different events on our website! If you want to see some photos, check out our Google Drive Folder.


Cole Crawford and Jeffrey Tharsen are organizing a Birds of a Feather session at US-RSE’23 in Chicago, October 16-18, 2023 titled “Code Review for Research Software”. If you are interested in connecting with RSEs from other disciplines and talking about code review, this is a great opportunity to do so. Generally, this is the place to be in October if you want to meet fellow US-based RSEs from the Digital Humanities and other domains.

New Website

You are here, so you might have noticted that we have updated our website! Thanks to Rebecca Sutton Koeser and Cole Crawford, our website has been migrated from Jekyll to Hugo. Go check it out and let us know what you think! If you find any problems or have ideas for how we can improve it, please create an issue on the GitHub repository for the site. If you’re interested in helping maintain and improve the site, please join the #dhtech-website channel on the DHTech Slack.

Latest Blog Posts

Check out the blog post “Embracing Endings: Principles for Digital Longevity and Their Importance for Research Software Engineers” by Moritz Mähr about the University of Victoria’s “Endings Project” and an application of endings principles to the Stadt.Geschichte.Basel project.

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