DHTech Working Groups

DHTech members with a common interest can form a DHTech working group. To be considered a working group, DHTech asks that the group:

  • designates two people to serve as point of contact between the working group and the steering committee.
  • writes a short paragraph for this page describing the group.
  • provides bi-monthly updates about what the group is doing and how people can get involved to be included in our newsletter.

The benefits of being recognized as an official working group are that the group:

  • is included on the list of working groups on this page.
  • can optionally have their own github repository and website under the DHTech GitHub organization (e.g. https://github.com/dh-tech/wg-education-training).
  • can apply to use some of the money we get from ADHO as a SIG to further the work of the working group.

Current DHTech Working Groups

Code Review Working Group

The Code Review Working Group works on developing a community code review system for the digital humanities. The group meets on the third Wednesday of every month 11am-12pm ET. Please join the #code-review-wg channel on Slack or get in touch with Julia Damerow (jdamerow@asu.edu) if you are interested in joining.

Guides for submitting code for review or volunteering to become a reviewer are avialable on the DH Community Code review, along with related information and links to recent reviews.

Education & Training Working Group

The Education & Training Working Group focuses on creating a collection of educational materials in topics such as version control, documentation practices, and packaging while highlighting DH use cases. The group meets on the second Thursday of every month 9am-10pm ET/ 3 pm- 4pm CET. Please join the #education-wg channel on Slack or get in touch with Jose Hernandez (jah22q@fsu.edu) if you are interested in joining.